Many will recall Ena Sharples, played by the actress Violet Carson as a formidable character from the 1960/70s ITV soap opera Coronation Street. I certainly remember being intimidated by her as a child, when my family would all gather to watch the programme on our black and white TV… she took no prisoners and didn’t suffer fools gladly!

Re-examining her powerful features left me no choice but to sculpt my memories of such a compelling performer into being again. The sculpt will be available as a limited edition of 10.

FACE 2020 is an Open Exhibition and the only forum for contemporary portrait sculpture in the UK. It consists of about 70 sculptures of which approximately one third are chosen from open submissions from non members. So to be selected for an international exhibition open to entries worldwide is truly an honour.

Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the exhibition will take place online only. It would have held in La Galleria, Pall Mall, London, so alas there won’t be any fancy parties this year. However, it does mean the exhibition can be visited easily and often by anyone during May. I will post the exact dates soon.

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