I am so thrilled that the Royal West Academy of Art (RWA) is opening from Saturday April 17 – Sunday May 9 2021.

The exhibition should have taken place in the Autumn last year, but Covid restrictions put a stop to that!

There are over 600 works in this year’s exhibition, including my sculpture ‘The Gang’. It’s a free-standing piece featuring 9 children’s faces mounted on a reclaimed-metal ladder, standing just under a metre tall. The faces are cast in resin, iron, jute and acrylic. The piece is for sale at £950.00

There is so much to see – a huge variety of art ranging from paintings, sculpture, photography, drawing, printmaking etc. Tickets have to be booked in advanced, and are limited due to Covid 19 restrictions.

To book please follow this link: https://www.rwa.org.uk/products/rwa-168-annual-open-exhibition

Photo credit to Alice Hendy, for the opening picture in this blog.