25 sculptors – 75 sculptures!

As one of the members of South West Sculptors, I am very excited and honoured to be taking part in this exhibition in the exceedingly beautiful Exeter Cathedral.

Our theme of Density & Lightness is interpreted in many different ways, as we are a very diverse group of sculptors. From figurative to abstract, we have all created our own take on this theme, using a wide range of materials including glass, resin, ceramics, carved wood, stone and bronze.

My work ‘Slipping Away’ portrays the darker side of our current world – sections of orangutan heads diminishing in size… This is my observation of one of my favourite creatures teetering towards extinction.

Work is on display throughout the cathedral and in the grounds, alongside the cathedral’s own sculptures and works of art.     

Four of my sculptures are on show:

1: Slipping Away

2: Flotsam

3: The Long Forgotten

4: 5 Cheeky Chesters

The exhibition runs from June 12th – August 30th 2021

Check out South West Sculptors website for more info: www.swsculptors.co.uk