‘Why don’t you do some sculpture for yourself?’

It was this throw-away remark from my partner Pete, that set me on my current exciting path…

With over 30 years experience working as an artist in puppet animation and model making, I now concentrate on sculpting portrait heads of humans and animals in clay. I just love the forgiving nature of clay and also its ability to hold very fine detail when necessary.

My finished sculpts are moulded in silicone rubber and then cast in resin. I’ve developed a technique of combining resin, iron, jute and reclaimed metal, resulting in an unusual fragmented style that I call the ‘Wraith’ series. The results can be unsettling, haunting, beautiful, sometimes humerous, but always thought provoking.

The iron combined with the resin creates an interesting rusted metal patina, although it takes around 2 months to ‘mature’ and requires daily spraying with water to activate the rusting process. The final sculptures vary because of this technique, and no two works are ever identical.

I was delighted to be in the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition 2019, with my sculpture ‘Cheeky Chester’.