After graduating with a B.A. (Hons) Graphic Design from Middlesex Polytechnic in the 1980s, l carved out a long and satisfying career in set designing and prop-making for children’s puppet animation shows, such as ‘Fireman Sam’. (BBC TV)

With over 30 years experience as an artist, I now concentrate on sculpting portrait heads of humans and animals. I’m intrigued by faces, and strive to capture the spirit and personality of the model as l breath life into inanimate lumps of clay.

I sculpt using both life models and photographs. The finished sculpts are moulded in silicone rubber and then cast in resins, often combined with iron, jute and reclaimed metal. The iron creates an interesting rusted metal patina.

I have developed a technique of casting that I call the ‘Wraith’ series. Using a combination of resin, jute and glass fibre, I produce sculptures which are fragmented and often carry a strange, haunting poignancy.