Portrait sculptor of humans & animals… curious & unusual

My art unravels portrait sculpture, captured and recreated with a porosity and fragility. The resulting works can be unsettling, haunting, beautiful but always subtly peppered with personality.
Bev Knowlden Sculpture  - portrait sculptor


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Bev Knowlden Sculpture  - portrait sculptor

About me

Sculpting with clay, each work gradually takes on its own life form. Discover more about my process.

Lovely whispers of people’s existence

I am intrigued by faces, both human and animals, which in many ways are incredibly similar…

With each sculpture, I strive to capture the spirit and personality of my subject, injecting that essence into the clay. What is the magical ingredient that makes it ‘them’?

I am an established professional portrait sculptor based in Totnes, South Devon. I create sculptures, cast in resin and often combined with other materials such as iron, jute and reclaimed metal.